Feedback Tab

Check out the latest updates of the feedback tab from my GitHub repository.

Have you ever wanted to put that feedback tab on your site but not pay the recurring fee from Get Satisfaction? If so, you have come to the right place! I have created a Feedback Tab as a jQuery plugin for use on your own projects. This plugin was tested in all major browsers for compatibility and is supported by IE7, IE8, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

About the Feedback Plugin

This plugin uses a transparent image and places it on the left or right side of your site. Users can control the mouseover and mouseoff colors of the feedback tab through plugin options.

Note that this plugin only provides the Feedback tab. If you want a feedback form to appear when the tab is clicked, I suggest using one of the various lightbox plugins. Maybe a future version of this plugin will have a form as well if enough people request it. Enjoy!

How to Use

  1. Reference the main jQuery file
  2. Include the Feedback plugin JS file
  3. Put the image in your markup and apply the feedback() method to the image wrapped in the jQuery object. $(document).ready(function(){           $('#feedback').feedback(); 


Plugin options are available to control the position and hover-on and hover-off colors of the tab. See plugin-options.html in the GitHub repository